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Personal Project. Tenoch is a game character designed by Kristine Larsen. See Concept Image below. Model was made using Zbrush and 3ds max. Texturing was done using Substance Painter and Photoshop. The main feathers were hand placed but I used the Hair plugin Ornatrix to fill in some of the feathers at the back of the head. I also added some fabric fibres to the characters top and skirt. Ornatix was also used for the grass on the base platform. The feathers are simple plains just with an opacity map added.  I added a rig so i could pose the character using the Super Simple Rig for 3ds Max. Once he was posed i used corona render for the final images. Below you can see the sculpt I mage in Zbrush before bringing it into 3ds Max for Retop. I made a lot of changes in 3ds Max from the sculpt as you can see in from the final images.

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